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Terms of Use

Server Terms of Use


The administrative team of MUGLOBAL.ORG is entirely composed of legally capable individuals, of Brazilian nationality, volunteers and without any personal and/or professional ties with the original developer of Mu Online - Webzen - and its employees, in this service, therefore, from a private server of the same game.

It is the function of its members to manage and ensure the functioning of the server in its entirety, which refers to technical issues, financial support, community support and other aspects, except in cases where the intervention of the team proves unnecessary or impossible to be performed.

By accepting the terms of use of MUGLOBAL.ORG and creating your avatar online, the user reserves to the administration the rights to manage his account, by changing the data informed in the act of registration that are in disagreement with the rules of the server , or temporarily or permanently suspending your registration in cases where an infringement of the rules is found in acts while within the game itself; however, the user does NOT reserve to the administration the rights to use, for any purpose, the email, name, password and IP address informed in the registration act.

It is the right of the suspended player to appeal only ONCE for the review of the block by the administration, which will decide if the penalty was really valid or if it is a mistake; it is also the suspended player's right to ask for a copy of the article condemning him in these terms of use, together with proof of the offense he committed for the suspension to be charged.

Although the game's proposal is to work 24 hours a day, the MUGLOBAL.ORG team will be able to turn off the servers in order to carry out maintenance considered necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment and programs. These maintenances may or may not be scheduled in advance, varying according to the needs that the technical adjustments require.


MUGLOBAL.ORG, as it is a 100% free service throughout its entirety, has no other method of collection and financial survival except through VOLUNTARY donations made by our users, which are intended to cover costs required by server maintenance. These donors will receive a certain amount in MCoins and MPoints (game currencies) equivalent to the amount that was donated, as a way of thanking them for their support.

The reimbursement of a donated amount will only be made upon proof, by the COMPLAINT, that the remuneration contract in virtual currencies has not been fulfilled by the SERVER. Except for this occasion, there are no other possibilities where the return of the donated amount is possible. Attempting to make a false donation or canceling after delivery of the thank you will result in account blocking.

The donating user will not receive differential treatment from the administrators regarding online support and/or obtaining in-game items, being subject to the same rules and punishments as free users.


It is up to the player to ensure the security of their own account, preferably following the guidelines of STAFF, which are: change the password every 14 days; not use public or unknown computers or internet networks to enter the game; keep your computer's security software up to date; maintain the confidentiality of your access data, never sharing your account with third parties, even if they have an established trust relationship.

The administration will not intervene in problems caused by the player's recklessness regarding the security of his account. Under no circumstances will any lost items or stolen MCoins/MPoints be reimbursed.

MUGLOBAL.ORG will not be responsible for any damages to items and/or regressions in character characteristics when caused by slowness or loss of internet connection by the user. It is up to him to judge the situation and determine whether or not it is possible to carry out combinations on the Chaos Machine, negotiations and so on.

Once confirmed, it is impossible to reverse trades, NPC sales, personal store purchases and sales, X Store purchases, trade commands, online workshop upgrades, Chaos Machine combinations and character deletion. It is the player's responsibility to correctly handle their items to avoid unwanted situations.

It is understood that, when registering on the website, the user is already aware of the terms of use that are in effect on the server. Claiming ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as a justification for unlocking an account, character or refund of any type of damage that the user may acquire.


The online environment has several communication systems, which make it possible to send and receive written messages from other players. For enabling the display of any type of content, chat and others